During live performances in the Studio Theatre of the Great Canadian Theatre Company, Kim Kilpatrick tells stories of life with the four guide dogs she has handled: Gia, Margaret, Gwenny and Tulia. Wall sized enlargements of Karen’s paintings are projected behind her. As director, Bronwyn Steinberg plans to further creatively integrate the art forms and artists into the staging, utilizing their respective strengths.

While the public are increasingly aware of service dogs, few know the process of raising a guide dog puppy or the reality of the working life of a guide dog. Using art in the form of storytelling and painting, Raising Stanley / Life With Tulia entertains and educates all ages, from children to seniors. In this extraordinary show the visual art is accessible to all.

Kim Kilpatrick’s Story: Guide Dog Steals, 2min34sec
Image: Stanley Goes Shopping (at Farm Boy), acrylic on canvas, 101 x 76cm, 2016

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